7 Ways to Level Up Your Morning Coffee Routine

//7 Ways to Level Up Your Morning Coffee Routine

7 Ways to Level Up Your Morning Coffee Routine

Few rituals in my life are as consistent or as enjoyable as slowly and meticulously brewing my wife and I fresh coffee every morning. While most people roll out of bed, throw some grounds in a filter, and hit a button on a machine, I’ve found that a few simple tricks can transform your bitter, flavorless cup into a mug of rich, flavorful, nearly-life-changing java.

If you want to enhance your morning coffee game, follow the 7 tips below.

1. Use a Meaningful Vessel


My collection of hefty coffee mugs, each containing the strands of a powerful experience or meaningful reminder.

While chintzy screen-printed mugs are cheaply available on almost every street corner, level up your morning coffee experience not just with the beverage itself, but starting with the very vessel that holds your dark elixir. Doing so may in fact result in better tasting coffee, or at least the perception of it; when your brain sees a higher quality cup, it expects the mug’s contents to match its appearance, and will actually register the taste in line with those expectations. Just as eating a meal with china and silverware rather than paper plates and plastic utensils significantly changes how you experience a meal, the pleasure of hefting a solid mug can level up the taste and texture of your coffee drinking ritual.

Beyond just going with sturdier vessels, I’d suggest having mugs that are connected with a powerful experience or a meaningful reminder. When I drink from my Pikes Peak mug, I’m reminded of scaling the great mountain on foot last summer with my family; when I drink from my Black Canyon mug I get transported back to a wonderful vacation I took with my wife; and when consuming from my AoM mug, I’m of course reminded of Semper Virilis — to always be manly and upstanding and honorable, in any way I can. Your mug can actually serve as a powerful moral reminder that prepares you for whatever the day brings!

2. Preheat the Mug

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