How Fans Should Handle the Peyton Manning Saga

//How Fans Should Handle the Peyton Manning Saga

How Fans Should Handle the Peyton Manning Saga

Buddy Martin at penned an excellent article on the latest controversy engulfing Peyton Manning. And I agree with his summation.

Peyton Manning as UT quarterback (SouthernPigskin)

Peyton Manning as UT quarterback (SouthernPigskin)

I don’t know Peyton Manning personally.

Nor do I know the innermost workings of Manning’s private life — or even his public one.

I know people who know people who know Peyton.

I’ve seen him play a lot of football.

I watched the ESPN TV movie The Book of Manning, enjoyed it immensely and came away admiring the Manning family even more.

Like most of you, I am mildly amused by Manning’s sense of humor that seems to endear him to those of us who watch his pizza/auto insuance TV commercials.

Which makes me about as much of an expert as 90 percent of those writing and talking about him with such pseudo-authority.

I greatly appreciate and respect Peyton’s competitive nature and the captivating story of his John Wayne walkoff after the Broncos’ Super Bowl victory.

Beyond that, I got nothing.

Except common sense.

And I do know something about the whole incident really stinks.

I also know that we’ve been deceived many times by the public persona of celebrities only to find out later about their dark side.

I’ll never forget the night I was watching an NBA playoff game on TV with one of the most famous sports writers in America when the chase after a white Bronco (the other one) on a California freeway appeared as a cut-in on the screen.

“You don’t really think O. J. did it, do you?” asked my well-seasoned, sufficiently empathetic and otherwise adequately skeptical pal.

Clearly, we’ve all been duped at one time or another.

There’s no way I’m comparing a superstar accused of murder to one who might be guilty of a tasteless, reprehensible and maybe even unlawful act in a locker room.

It does give us pause to reflect on our belief system, however, because we just don’t know exactly who or what to believe. There’s just not enough information to pass judgment. And there’s too much just to ignore.

Read the remainder of the article here.

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