Southern Belle Primer: 10 Important Secrets You Need to Know Before Talking to One

//Southern Belle Primer: 10 Important Secrets You Need to Know Before Talking to One

Southern Belle Primer: 10 Important Secrets You Need to Know Before Talking to One

There is so much to know about southern belles and there isn’t enough space here to cover half of it here but 10 things you need to recognize before you approach one are below. Of course, southern men should already know these. Comments in (parenthesis) are mine for added emphasis and for yankee men.

Who doesn’t love a nice, cute southern woman? From their sexy accents to bubbly personalities, southern women are some of the most attractive ladies in the world. But if you don’t truly understand what a southern woman is all about, you’ll never have a shot with one.

Once you fully understand the following secrets about southern women, it’s time to decide how you’re going to meet these lovely ladies. The best way is online. You’ll find that many attractive, intelligent southern gals frequent online dating sites. But before you send a message to a southern woman online, make sure you understand what they’re all about.

1. They’re proud of where they came from. Southern women love the south. You won’t hear a northern girl proudly state, “I am a northern girl”, but you will hear a southern girl frequently boast where she came from. (and what sorority she’s in – not was in, but still in)

2. They aren’t afraid to get dirty. Even the hot ones. While most hot northern ladies are too afraid to break a nail to go mudding, a hot southern girl doesn’t give a damn. (one of my mixed doubles tennis partners is a prime example and she looks ‘hot’ during and after a sweaty match)

3. Manners are important to her. No, manners are EVERYTHING to her. Southern women were taught proper manners at a young age. They were taught to say “thank you” and smile at those passing by. So if you don’t have manners, you’ll have a better chance at winning the lottery than getting a southern girl. (tip: real Belles expect you to open every door for them and will take notice when you forget. and for heaven’s sake, know which fork to use and when)

4. She can go beer for beer with you. If you think women can’t handle liquor like men, you are right, in most cases. Southern women are the exception. These lovely ladies won’t have any problem drinking the night away with you. Matter of fact, they might be the ones carrying YOU out to the car. (NEVER dare one to take a shot. You’ll be sorry)

5. Don’t confuse her slow speech for being an idiot. Southern women may sound slow, but they aren’t. Some (most all) of the smartest women around are southern women.

6. God is a big part of her life. Religion is highly important to most in the south. They are spiritual God-fearing and have strong traditional values. Don’t offend her by insulting her religion or faith. If you aren’t a man of faith, most southern ladies won’t be interested in dating you. (And they certainly won’t allow you to meet their mother if religion is not a priority in your life)

7. College football is like a religion. Whether she’s an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, an Ole Miss Hotty Totty girl or a Georgia Bulldog, college football isn’t just for the dudes down in the south. Be careful that you don’t dis her team. She might consider them fighting words. And a southern girl can fight, which brings us to the next one…(and before you attend a tailgate or game with her, know how to dress appropriately)

8. Southern ladies are mild-mannered until you piss them off. Don’t confuse her pretty face and friendly smile for a pushover. Southern women know how to throw down. But they only get into a scuffle if they are provoked. So watch your mouth! (hint: the ‘go-to-hell’ look while she’s grinning is a sign you need to back off of her….quickly)

9. Getting dolled up is her favorite activity. It’s not that northern women don’t care about their appearance or don’t like to get all dolled up for a night out on the town. But southern women take it to a whole new level. Getting dolled up to go out to the club is, to a southern woman, just as exciting as shaking their booty at the club. (and if she invites you over to ‘hang out,’ don’t dress like a slob because she won’t either)

10. They have traditional values. She’s going to expect you to ask her out. She’s going to expect you to hold doors for her (reread item 3). And she’s going to expect you to pay for dinner because that’s how men treated women back in the day, and southern women have old-school values and morals. (every now and then they want to pay and that’s okay but ALWAYS offer first and NEVER allow her to do it more than twice a year)

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