‘Southern’ Men’s Guide to Maturing While Looking Refined & Being Irresistible

//‘Southern’ Men’s Guide to Maturing While Looking Refined & Being Irresistible

‘Southern’ Men’s Guide to Maturing While Looking Refined & Being Irresistible

It may not be fair, but it’s no secret men naturally age more gracefully than women. With no disrespect to our belles, here are a few guidelines One Southern Man personally subscribes to (minus the two-seater).  Thanks to D’Marge for this outstanding column.

There are two ways to approach growing old. Some take it on the chin, admit defeat and spend years regretting their decisions. Others go in a different direction. They decide youth should last a lifetime and proceed to erase any sign of aging. Personally, I’m all for the latter. To hell with getting old, looking old and thinking old. We don’t sing about staying forever young for nothing, and today we’re here to provide some foolproof ways for doing it (that don’t require you to carry a tune).

Maintain Your Boyish Charm


You know that twinkle you have in your eye when you’re flirting with the checkout assistant down at the local IGA? Keep it. It serves you well. Charm improves as you get older, but nurture it so it remains playful and a touch naughty. Note: we’re not recommending patting clients on the backside. What we’re talking about is cultivating an air of carefree charm about you that people want to be around.

Throw Parties Regularly


My best mate The Iron Gnome is the master of this. We can be having dinner on a Tuesday night and somehow by 11pm there’s a party happening at his house. He’s a true bon vivant and the people love it. The trick is being open to meeting new people and being happy to share your house. Your very big house in The Hamptons.

Date Someone Younger


You may no longer be a spring chicken but that doesn’t mean you can’t date one. There’s something alluring about an older man. They’re often well-travelled, can dress and have a penny or two. The young ones like that. If you choose a well-adjusted and mentally-mature youngster, you’ll find that not only will you have stimulating conversation but there will be fewer ups and downs.

Drive Two-Seater Convertibles


People movers and four-wheel drives are for large religious families and Bear Grylls. If you want to hang onto youth like a man of the world, then we recommend getting yourself a convertible. Not only will you avoid having to give people ‘lifts’ to places, but come summer you’ll be able to show off that younger partner and your Hungarian Vizsla hanging out in the back.

Work Out


“Hey, there’s a great-looking flabby bloke!” said no one ever. Being fit and healthy is one of life’s greatest gifts. Eat well, live well and maintain a regime that ensures you’re always in shape. You’ll find that stress will be reduced and you’ll improve your chances of fitting easily into that convertible you’re buying very soon.

Get On The Brotox Bandwagon


Those ‘thinking’ lines are making you look older. They don’t need to be there, you know. We recommend taking the plunge and getting some of your unwanted stress lines removed. This is simple maintenance known as ‘Brotox’ can be done every few months and takes 5 – 10 years off the clock, leaving you looking like a Porsche 911, not a beat up Skoda. Find out a little more here.

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