MLB Opening Day 2016: 5 Things to Know

//MLB Opening Day 2016: 5 Things to Know

MLB Opening Day 2016: 5 Things to Know

It’s opening day; major league baseball, that is! There’s nothing like the smell and taste of the ball park so get ready for the 162 games each MLB team plays. Mike Cherico at Hollywood Life has 5 tidbits worth noting today.

Hey batter! Baseball is upon us again and life is good. Here are the five things you need to know about the 2016 Major League Baseball season that’s about to begin on April 3rd. Keep reading!

When the 2016 Major League Baseball season begins, every team will be perfect, and anything will be possible. Will the Mariners finally win a World Series? Will the Yankees stink? Which ballpark is upgrading their hot dogs? Here are five things to know about the many possibilities of the 2016 MLB season.

1. The Chicago Cubs are GOOD.
The Cubs just might win the World Series. The Cubbies have not seen a championship since 1908. Between Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta, 30, and all the right acquisitions in the off-season, this could easily be the Cubs big year.

2. Big Papi will have his last at bat.
David Oritz, 40, will hit his last dinger this season. The Red Sox future Hall of Famer will retire after the season and Boston looks strong. Big Papi’s last at bat could very well be a walk-off homer in a game 7 of the World Series.

3. The Diamondbacks will look like Kim Kardashian, sort of.
There will be several uniform changes this season. There will be lots of throwback looks from teams like the Padres and the Pirates. But the most outrageous change in jerseys comes from the Arizona Diamondbacks who will be rocking snakeskin print. The uni’s look a little like Kim’s, over-priced Birkin Bag, but hey, maybe it will help the D-backs swing the bat faster?

4. The Texas Ranger’s Chicken & Donut Skewer is a real thing.
Ballparks across the country will use the 2016 MLB season to introduce new delicacies to the fans. Arizona will debut a cheeseburger dog and the Blue Jays will answer the Rangers donut thing with their own Chicken & Waffle on a stick. Do your best to visit St. Louis and try their new Meatball-filled Bread Cone.

5. Anything can happen and usually does.
We love baseball. A team can be down by 10 runs in the bottom of the ninth, with two-outs, and still win. Watch for the unexpected this season, watch for the magical.

Are you as pumped for this season as we are? What are you most looking forward to this season? Our prediction? The Dodgers will beat the Royals in the World Series. You heard it here first!

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