Ledbury Shirts: Why Button Placement & Quality Matter

//Ledbury Shirts: Why Button Placement & Quality Matter

Ledbury Shirts: Why Button Placement & Quality Matter

In a fortuitous meeting last weekend, I had the privilege of meeting Ledbury founders Paul Trible and Paul Watson, two budding entrepreneurs who are carving a niche for themselves in the art of fine shirt-making. Not only are they great guys (who married well over their heads), their focus on their craft and dedication to quality and excellence are clear in both product and energy. Below is some interesting info on how Ledbury shirts are made and the button difference that makes them stand (literally) out.

“When we first set out in the clothing business, we knew that we wanted to be more than just designers. We wanted to be makers. In 2015, we took the lessons learned from our European partners and revived one of America’s oldest bespoke shirtmakers in our hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Today, we carry on a century-old bespoke tailoring tradition in our Richmond workshop, where our master craftsmen make custom shirts by hand. This intricate work continually sharpens our craft and grounds our brand in the values that we believe are most important: quality and craftsmanship.”

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