Tennis Great Jack Sock Show Us True Sportsmanship

//Tennis Great Jack Sock Show Us True Sportsmanship

Tennis Great Jack Sock Show Us True Sportsmanship

True sportsmanship is hard to come by these days, especially in the world of professional sports. However, tennis great Jack Sock reminds us what being a great sportsman and an all-around great guy is about. Watch this video taken from a match against Lleyton Hewitt in January of this year.

If you’ve followed me or this site for long it’s obvious I’m a huge tennis fan. Plus, I play competitive USTA adult tennis so I experience lots of line calls and have an appreciation for my opponents who make a concerted effort to be fair and honest. That applies to 90 percent of the players I face but its the other 10 percent that many of us dread playing with or against.

Professional tennis players have the luxury of line judges and a chair umpire, not to mention the Hawk-Eye line-calling system we see on TV where players can challenge calls and have them reviewed. It’s a given that whether you’re a professional line judge or an amateur player calling your own lines, honest mistakes are going to be made. After all, we’re only human.

Although this match took place eight months ago, I saw it for the first time on Facebook yesterday. And while one of the first rules of journalism is old news is bad news, I hope this clip is shared for years to come since it’s a glowing example of true sportsmanship.

Jack Sock for President Ad Campaign (Babolat)

There’s a Bablolat ad campaign going on that coincides with this election year that proclaims, “Jack Sock for President.” Given our choices for president this season, I believe I’ll join the bandwagon and write-in Jack’s name for our commander in chief. Way to go Jack!

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