Southern Bites: Pimiento Cheese Hush Puppies

//Southern Bites: Pimiento Cheese Hush Puppies

Southern Bites: Pimiento Cheese Hush Puppies

Any respectable southern man loves food, and when I say food, I mean great southern food. Tell me you’ve found a way to combine pimiento cheese and hushpuppies and I’m there. Throw in some southern craft beer and I may overstay my welcome.

I was reading an article on Southern Living online about southern bloggers to follow and had run across Stacey Little’s, Southern Bite, page. There’s several good southern food-type sites but Stacey’s is unique and I like his content and ideas. It seemed appropriate to give him some credit for showcasing recipes that we southern gents can follow and make while impressing the guys on poker night for that special belle.

Here’s Stacey’s recent post and the link to the page.

Pimiento Cheese Hush Puppies

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These Pimiento Cheese Hush Puppies need to be on your MUST MAKE list! The tangy pimiento and gooey cheese take the ordinary to extraordinary!

I have had such an amazing time with my friends from Price*s Pimiento Cheese over the past few months showing y’all all the yummy and amazing recipes you can make using their delicious pimiento cheese spread.  From the gooey Hot Ham and Pimiento Cheese Sandwich, to the fun and tasty Southern Sheet Pan Nachos, to the tantalizing Pimiento Cheese Deviled Eggs, to those utterly amazing Pimiento Cheese Scalloped Potatoes, it sure has been fun!

I’ve got one last trick up my sleeve.  These Pimiento Cheese Hush Puppies. Y’all, they are amazing.  Seriously.  The pimiento cheese spread gives them the perfect pop of flavor and cheesy deliciousness.  And while I grew up having hush puppies at fish fries and with seafood, they’re seriously perfect for just about any meal you’d serve regular cornbread with.

Click here to read the rest of the column.

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