5 Easy Fashion Tips for Southern Men

//5 Easy Fashion Tips for Southern Men

5 Easy Fashion Tips for Southern Men

Looking great is not about money, it’s about know-how and paying attention to the details. Antonio Centeno at Real Men Real Style is one of the best at giving men’s fashion advice. Below is an excerpt from on of Antonio’s podcast.

A lot of people think that in order to look good, you need to spend a small fortune on clothing, accessories, and toiletries. They think they’d love to look good, but they have to wait until they’re rich to get started. Gentleman, this is not the case!

One of the most important things to remember is to absolutely never compromise on fit. A lot of things are ok to compromise on, but the fit is something that you will really regret if you compromise on. This means you may need to take your clothing to a tailor, or learn how to make alterations yourself! But the time that you spend doing this will be well worth while, when all of your clothing fits appropriately, and makes you feel like $1 million!

5 Steps to Look Your Best for $100:

  1. Never compromise on fit. Fit is of paramount importance. Learn how to make basic alterations
  2. Key body accessories. The one thing you wear that is your key body accessory. Have fun with it, and own it!
  3. Shoes: Set your expectations for your price range. You will get what you pay for.
  4. Grooming: Have a regular haircut. Get the best you can afford, and get it on a regular basis. Pay attention to skin care. Go to the dentist regularly
  5. Secondary accessories: Leather bags, portfolio, shades, hats

General Takeaways:

  • The vision of who you want to be should include what you look like, and your overall presentation
  • Take clothing to a tailor if it doesn’t fit right, or just learn to make alterations yourself!
  • Imitate someone that you want to look like
  • Look into thrift shops, garage sales, etc, if the budget is really tight
  • Educate yourself to look your best
  • Look into new brands of shoes to get better deals
  • Know what you’re looking for

Mindset Takeaways:

Know that you don’t need a huge budget to look really good. Make the most of the money you have by being smart with it, to make the best impression you can!

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