10 Commandments for Football Tailgating in the South

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10 Commandments for Football Tailgating in the South

Proper pre-game festivities are paramount to a successful college game day. Here are 10 commandments that will make tailgating in the south easier.

I. Thou shalt dress properly. Know your venue. Cutoffs jeans and sleeveless tees may work on some campuses but I strongly suggest you research what is appropriate if you are visiting a campus for the first time. Remember, you can still be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

II.Thou shalt bring food that is easy to pack. Use plastic storage containers to put snacks in and bring platters When you get there, you can transfer the food to platters for a nice display.

III. Thou shalt create an upbeat music playlist. Include tunes that will get everyone pumped up for the big game, and don’t forget to bring a cordless speaker so everyone can join in on the fun.

IV. Thou shalt bring/make good food. You may not be a gourmet chef but any respectable tailgate has great food. If you need to order from a specialty store or caterer, be sure to place your orders early in the week and pick them up the day before.

V. Thou shalt provide a way to watch live games. Some tailgaters go as far as setting up satellite TV’s, but you can use a laptop or iPad to steam your cable or satellite subscription inside your tent.

VI. Thou shalt seek out a good location. The early bird gets the worm. Arrive early for the best spots.

VII. Thou shalt clean as you go. Bring a large bin to discard empty platters – they’ll be out of sight and you can wash when you get home. Always have a garbage container for guests.

VIII. Thou shalt bring plenty of napkins and towels. Tailgate food, at least good tailgate food, is messy. You can never have too many napkins (with team logo) on hand.

IX. Thou shalt prepare the night before. Make life easier on everyone by prepping most of the food and packing the decor the night before. You won’t have to wake up early and the day will go smoothly.

X. Thou shalt not stress. A tailgate is meant to be fun, not overwhelming. Cheers!

Adapted from Click Magazine.

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