6 Pair of Shoes Southern Men Need for Summer

//6 Pair of Shoes Southern Men Need for Summer

6 Pair of Shoes Southern Men Need for Summer

Some of you wait for June 21 before you will use the word “Summer,” however, in the South, Easter is over and it’s 80 plus degrees in May so in my mind, summer has arrived. Here are five pairs of shoes that go will anything from poplin and seersucker suits to your favorite shorts of khaki slacks.

Black/Burgundy Loafers

Cole Hahn Black Loafers

I prefer these loafers because you can dress them up or down. They go great with a navy poplin suit and give seersucker suits a dressier, business look. I also suggest a pair of burgundy loafers since they go great with khaki slacks or a poplin khaki suit.


Cole Hahn Drivers

These days Drivers come in a variety of colors, including some cool suede colors. However a pair of medium brown go great with most summer casual wear, especially shorts. For a good deal check out your local Macy’s or regional department store.


White Nubuck shoes

Whether “dirty” or white, nothing beats a comfortable pair of nubuck shoes in the summer. This is a great summer shoe and perfect with seersucker or linen slacks. I know, some of your freak out at the thought of white bucks but give them a shot as they are timeless and classic. If you still can’t bring yourself to buy white, a pair of light brown bucks work well with most summer slacks.

Topsiders or “Boat” Shoes

Sperry Topsiders

Often referred to as “boat” or “deck” shoes, these are the ideal summer shoe for work and play. Wore by boaters because of their durability and non-slip soles, they come in a ton of colors so buy a few pair to mix and mingle with all your summer shorts and slacks.

Athletic Shoes

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Commonly referred to as tennis shoes, I use the term athletic shoes because I am a tennis player so I purchase tennis shoes to play tennis in. And speaking of tennis, the classic Stan Smith shoes from Adidas were originally introduced in the 1970’s specially for tennis players but I wouldn’t recommend them for today’s game. However, they’ve made a comeback in recent years and they go great with jeans and shorts.


Crocs “Santa Cruz” style

Ah Crocs! It’s hard to beat a pair in the summer. These also come in a variety of styles and colors but I prefer the Santa Cruz shown above. I actually have a black pair I wear in the winter and recently purchased a pair in light grey that I love. These sand brown Crocs go great with shorts and I like wearing them while sitting on the porch with friends. Academy Sports sells a knock off brand for about $20 that hold up well.

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