2 Casual, Stylish Sneakers Perfect for Southern Men

//2 Casual, Stylish Sneakers Perfect for Southern Men

2 Casual, Stylish Sneakers Perfect for Southern Men

In my constant search for fashionable, yet comfortable footwear, the Magnanni Cristian and the classic Adidas Stan Smith are two casual, stylish sneakers every southern man should consider adding to their wardrobe this fall.

I must confess, my go-to casual shoe is the Cole Hahn Driver. Now that I’m free of having to don a pair of black, lace-up cap toe Oxford’s each day to compliment my french cuff shirts, my search for great looking and fitting shoes led me to these two shoes.

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Magnanni is a Spanish company that began making shoes in 1954. Today the third-generation of family members continue the tradition of producing quality footwear in both classic and contemporary styles.

Magnanni shoes are made with “Bologna” construction, where the sole is sewn directly to the upper. They are well-made, comfortable and stylish without being too “fashion-forward.”

Maganni Cristian Casual Sneaker

One downside is they are not waterproof so be careful when running through a rain storm or hanging out at a college tailgate.

The Magnanni Cristian is extremely comfortable and feels more like a sneaker than a dress shoe. That’s good considering that’s the purpose of this shoe. They retail for around $325 but Oak Hall, a fine gentlemen’s store in Memphis has them on sale for $199 for the next few days.

The Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe is a true classic.

On a regional note, for some reason, Southerner’s refer to all “sneakers” or “gym shoes,” as “tennis shoes,” regardless of the sport they are played in or how they are worn. In case you’re interested, shoe historians note that some of the first rubber sole shoes were indeed used by tennis players. The term “sneakers,” originated when children noticed the quiet, rubber sole allowed them to “sneak” around without being noticed. A trait some men may still find useful!

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However, the Stan Smith shoe was built for and named after a legendary, professional tennis player in 1971. Originally designed for professional tennis players, today they’re an excellent addition to your shoe wardrobe and are great with a pair of jeans or Khakis.

Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes

As a competitive, adult tennis player, I would not wear them on the court given the advancement in shoe technology, but they are extremely comfortable and “classic.”

Adidas introduced their first tennis shoe in 1963, later branding the shoe after Robert Haillet, a French player. Upon his retirement, Adidas signed Stan Smith, the Australian player who was at the peak of his success. The shoe ultimately became known as the Stan Smith. The original version is white with green accents but can be found in a variety of colors today. It retails for around $60 and designer versions bring as much as $450.

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