Why Your Work Schedule Should Resemble Your Kindergarten Routine

Remember your routine in kindergarten? Our schedules have changed a lot since then but there may be significant advantages to reverting back to a time where a hearty breakfast, a scheduled nap and recess periods helped us maintain peak intellectual performance.  Let's review what our kindergarten schedule may have looked like. Here's a typical seven-hour [...]

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Where to See the Best July 4th Fireworks In the South

The July 4th holiday weekend marks the "unofficial" mid-point of the summer holidays. July 4th fireworks in the South are popular with families and gatherings of friends. Here is a list of popular spots throughout the South to catch some incredible firework celebrations: Alabama Birmingham’s Thunder on the Mountain Fireworks Show is a hometown favorite. [...]

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My Birthday Advice to a Younger Me

June 1 is my birthday and by no means do I dread turning another year older. The fact is. I've come to embrace it. Plus, June is my favorite month and I can’t think of a better way to kick it off than ushering in the first month of summer with a celebration. As I reflected [...]

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