Tony Barnhart, ‘Mr. College Football’ Talks SEC Football, Food & Rivalries

If you follow football in the South, you’ve undoubtedly read Tony Barnhart’s columns on Gridiron Now or watched his commentary on the SEC Network. Known as “Mr. College Football” for his in-depth reporting, Barnhart still travels the South’s back roads looking for the next breaking story or coaching change. Born and raised in the small [...]

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USTA Adult Leagues: Separate Competitive, Rec Leagues & Hold Team Captains Accountable

Adult tennis programs like those organized by the United States Tennis Association provide a fun and competitive outlet for adults 18 and over to compete at local, state, sectional and national levels. Some play purely for fun and fitness while others desire a competitive outlet with a chance to win a national title. There’s room [...]

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Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing: Pickwick Lake Showcases Growth of Water Sports

The popularity of wakeboarding and wakesurfing has continued to grow on southern waterways like Pickwick Lake. Once considered obscure activities that attracted only the most die-hard water enthusiasts, wakeboarding and wakesurfing have become two of the fastest growing water sports in the world. Growing up near Pickwick Lake, just north of the Mississippi-Alabama state line [...]

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Hugh Freeze, Mark Sanford, Paul Stanley: How Do Successful Southern Men Succumb to Temptation, Handle Negative Coverage and Press On?

The resignation of Ole Miss Head Football Coach Hugh Freeze over a “pattern of misconduct,” sent tremors throughout SEC football circles and the South. How can public figures like Freeze, former South Carolina Governor and now Congressman Mark Sanford and former Tennessee State Senator Paul Stanley, all of whom processed to be “Christian men,” throw [...]

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