Stylish Cold Weather Layering Tips for Men

Old Man Winter arrives early for some, but in the Southeastern U.S., it typically doesn’t get frigid until January, but 20 degree weather is coming and its not even Thanksgiving. Regardless of you live or travel, here are some stylish cold weather layering tips for men to keep you toasty [...]

8 Fall Shoes for Southern Men

We're already in our second month of Fall down South but it's not too late to consider these 8 fall shoes for Southern men. Sure we’d all love to putz around in our favorite pair of boat shoes or flip-flops, but sometimes we have to put on our adult hat and, in [...]

Improve Your ‘Business Casual’ Look With These 5 Steps

A stylish business casual wardrobe can do wonders for a gentleman's confidence and success. Below are five tips that will help you improve your business casual look and be more comfortable in the office and after hours too. Dressing for work used to be simple. Guys typically donned a formal [...]

What to Wear to a Wedding, A Southern Man’s Guide

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to my cousins March wedding in Nashville and it immediately got me thinking about spring fashion and what a proper Southern gentleman should wear. Follow these rules for what to wear to a wedding and you’ll be looking on point (and adhering to the [...]

Derby & Steeplechase Fashion for Men: What to Wear & How to Wear It

The 2018 Kentucky Derby is a few short weeks away and Steeplechase season is here. The Georgia Steeplechase wrapped up last weekend and the Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville is always held the Saturday before Mothers Day. Now all that's left to decide is what to wear. Horse racing events allow [...]

Seersucker: Its History and How to Wear the South’s Classic Fabric

Easter is only days away and like many Southerners, I look forward to celebrating the life and resurrection of Christ, the blooming of the azalea trees, and yes, the opportunity to wear seersucker. Seersucker is an ideal fabric for the long, dog days of Dixie summers. Here’s its history and how to wear the [...]

6 Shoes Southern Men Need In Spring, Summer

Many of you wait until June 21 before you will utter the word “Summer.” Down South, the trees are beginning to bloom and the temperatures are warming up, which means your warm and cool weather clothing needs to be swapped. Here are six pairs of shoes Southern men wear in spring [...]

25 Etiquette Rules Every Southern Man Should Know

Manners and rules of etiquette should be simple and uncomplicated. They certainly make life more pleasant for everyone and they're not as complicated as you might think. Here are 25 etiquette rules every southern man should know. Etiquette is a term used to describe appropriate and polite behavior. Sadly, a huge number [...]

8 Things Raymond Reddington’s Wardrobe Can Teach Us About Style

It wasn’t until about two years I ago I discovered the hit television series, The Blacklist. Yes, I’m late to the game but I make it a point not to watch network Television so it’s not unusual for me to be behind the curve on popular shows. But the minute [...]

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