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2 Casual, Stylish Sneakers Perfect for Southern Men

In my constant search for fashionable, yet comfortable footwear, the Magnanni Cristian and the classic Adidas Stan Smith are two casual, stylish sneakers every southern man should consider adding to their wardrobe this fall. I must confess, my go-to casual shoe is the Cole Hahn Driver. Now that I’m free [...]

Navy Blazer, Khaki Slacks: How to Wear the ‘Southern Man’s Uniform’

The go-to fashion combination for Southern men is undoubtedly the navy blazer worn with khaki slacks. You can dress it up or down and worn properly, is timeless, classic and sophisticated. Here are some simple rules to follow and ideas that make this combination both versatile and fashion forward. Navy [...]

Style Tips Every Southern Man Should Know & Adopt

Being seen as a well-dressed Southern Man is easier than you may think. Sure, fabrics, cut and fit are major factors but here are seven tips on how you can look like a million buck by following these basic rules. Style rules. Sometimes they can seem…what’s the word? Stupid - Arbitrary - Pointless.  [...]

How ‘Southern Manners’ Can Increase Political Civility

The level of political and social incivility in America has reached a new high. Better to say a new low. I’ve spent many years in and around politics but make it a point not to discuss the politics on OneSouthernMan. I’m not going to start now, however, given the severity [...]

6 Pair of Shoes Southern Men Need for Summer

Some of you wait for June 21 before you will use the word “Summer,” however, in the South, Easter is over and it's 80 plus degrees in May so in my mind, summer has arrived. Here are five pairs of shoes that go will anything from poplin and seersucker suits [...]

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