How ‘Southern Manners’ Can Increase Political Civility

The level of political and social incivility in America has reached a new high. Better to say a new low. I’ve spent many years in and around politics but make it a point not to discuss the politics on OneSouthernMan. I’m not going to start now, however, given the severity [...]

The Red Tie and Presidential Inauguration Fashion

The Red Tie is back in style, thanks to Donald Trump. Never let it be said the President of the United States does not set men’s fashion trends. In January of 2001, it was the powder blue tie George W. Bush wore but now we must make room for the red [...]

12 Winter Clothing Essentials for Every Southern Man

It's cold outside. How do I know? Today we've seen the South's first snowfall and you know we southern men have a hard time handling cold weather. If you're looking for some new items to supplement your existing threads, or you're looking to replace a few of last year's favorite [...]

8 Fall Shoes for Southern Men

We're already in our second month of Fall down South but it's not to late to consider these autumn footwear classics. Sure we’d all love to putz around in our favorite pair of boat shoes or flip flops for that matter, but sometimes we have to put on our adult hat and, [...]

Grooming Tips: How Southern Men Can Age Gracefully

Fortunately for those of us southern guys who aren't sought-after TV personalities, we too can use tried and true grooming techniques to maintain a youthful appearance. Looking great as you get older is all about paying attention to the details—and being consistent. Things like applying moisturizer daily have a cumulative [...]

5 Easy Fashion Tips for Southern Men

Looking great is not about money, it's about know-how and paying attention to the details. Antonio Centeno at Real Men Real Style is one of the best at giving men's fashion advice. Below is an excerpt from on of Antonio's podcast. A lot of people think that in order to [...]

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