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Starkville MS: Best Places to Eat In Every SEC Town

Hardly anyone will argue the state of Mississippi serves some of the best Southern dishes in the South. We’re venturing to Mississippi State University for our next tailgate series and highlight the best places to eat in every SEC town. Here are the best restaurants in Starkville, MS. The Little Dooey [...]

Graduate Hotel Oxford Adds Flavor to College Towns, Ole Miss

Two years ago, I stayed at the Graduate Hotel, then a relatively new property in Oxford, Mississippi, and just a couple of blocks from the town’s famous downtown square. This picturesque town of around 23,000 had proliferated over the past few years and deserved a hotel that contributed to the [...]

Best Places to Watch Football In Every SEC Town

For SEC football fans, nothing beats tailgating and watching your team play in your school's stadium alongside a few thousand alumni and fans. But when tickets are scarce, or you desire the luxury of instant replay, here are the best places to watch football in every SEC town. Tuscaloosa (Alabama) [...]

Dinner, Supper, Lunch, It’s Enough to Confuse Any (Non) Southerner

Growing up in the rural South, you would hear people use one of two words to describe the noon or the evening meal. As I’ve gotten older, the words seemed to be used interchangeably for both meals. Dinner, Supper, or Lunch, it’s enough to confuse any (Non) Southerner. I’m here [...]

Craft Breweries, Bars Bring a Boost to Huntsville

Over the past few years, I’ve become a huge fan of craft beers, especially those made and brewed in the South. At the recommendation of another Southern lifestyle writer, I spent an afternoon tasting several outstanding beers produced by a new breed of entrepreneurs in Huntsville, Alabama, also known as [...]

Know the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey

Many Southerners use the terms "whiskey" and "bourbon" interchangeably. I know I've been guilty of breaking this cardinal rule of spirits. Don't worry, you won't face any civil or criminal charges. It is helpful to know the difference between bourbon and whiskey the next time the subject arises at your [...]

What Is the Best Catfish Restaurant In the South? Hagy’s Catfish Hotel

What is the best catfish restaurant in the South? Hagy's Catfish Hotel near Shiloh, Tennessee. There are many reasons I'm fortunate I was born and raised in Savannah, Tennessee. For starters, it's widely known as the Catfish Capitol of the World. In recent years have I realized I've taken this river fish and those [...]

2018 Charleston Wine + Food Festival Showcases the South’s Best

It's difficult to choose my favorite southern city but when food is the focus, it's hard to beat Charleston, South Carolina. Throw in city's historic significance, architecture, gorgeous waterfront, and Charleston is a must-visit destination. This weekend is the 2018 Charleston Wine + Food Festival that showcases the South's best [...]

Best 30A Restaurants to Enjoy In 2018

Florida's scenic panhandle not only offers pristine white-sand beaches and some of the South's top resort areas, it's also home to many incredible restaurants and watering holes. If business or pleasure takes you to Northwest Florida, here are the best 30A restaurants to enjoy in 2018. The twenty-plus miles along [...]

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