Welcome to OneSouthernMan. Our goal is simple: to embrace and showcase the lifestyle of authentic southern men. How we work, how we play, how we dress and other traits that make us tick.

Our articles and features may highlight the region’s best restaurants or out of the way places to take that special belle. Southern men have a unique style. You see it in the boardroom, at a Saturday tailgate, in the woods or at a cocktail party. We’ll explore the best places to shop or hunt as well as some of the most exciting sporting events and venues in Dixie.

So come along and enjoy the most authentic and replicated part of our great nation. Although men are our focus, we always welcome belles and will gladly standup as you enter our room.

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For SEC football fans, nothing beats tailgating and watching your team play in your school's stadium alongside a few thousand alumni and fans. But when tickets are scarce, or you desire the luxury of instant replay, [...]

Craft Breweries, Bars Bring a Boost to Huntsville

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Know the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey

Many Southerners use the terms "whiskey" and "bourbon" interchangeably. I know I've been guilty of breaking this cardinal rule of spirits. Don't worry, you won't face any civil or criminal charges. It is helpful to know [...]