Each Southern State’s Favorite Foods

//Each Southern State’s Favorite Foods

Each Southern State’s Favorite Foods

What is the most popular food in your southern state? In my opinion that’s a highly debatable question but the folks at Garden & Gun has complied a list of favorite foods from each state originally compiled by Thrillist. Here you go.

The South has given the world many culinary gifts, including pimento cheese, Frogmore stew, and Moon Pies. So, when we saw Thrillist’s state-by-state list of America’s most important food innovations, we had to see what they picked for the South.

(Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards (2); Johnny Autry (center)

Below, are the Southern foods Thrillist’s editors claim caused the most movin’-and-shakin’ through the country’s collective palette. On the list are some classics: hot chicken, boiled peanuts, and even the Waffle House. But of course, there are a few omissions (hello, Duke’s mayonnaise!). So now we want you to weigh in: What’s your state’s best food innovation?

Their choice: White BBQ Sauce

(Photograph by Caroline Allison)

Their choice: TCBY

Washington D.C.
Their choice: Half-smoke

Their choice: Cuban Sandwich

Their choice: Waffle House

Their choice: Bourbon

Their choice: Hot Sauce

Their choice: Crab Cakes

(Photograph by Johnny Autry)

Their choice: Mississippi Mud Pie

North Carolina
Their choice: Pulled Pork

Their choice: Girl Scout Cookies

South Carolina
Their choice: Boiled Peanuts

(Photograph by Peter Frank Edwards)

Their choice: Hot Chicken

Their choice: Brisket

Their choice: Virginia Ham

West Virginia
Their choice: Pepperoni Roll

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