From Father to Son: 10 Tips on Dressing Well

//From Father to Son: 10 Tips on Dressing Well

From Father to Son: 10 Tips on Dressing Well

Dad’s are responsible for teaching their son’s many things, but when it comes to dressing well here are 10 tips from Real Men Real Style that will last a lifetime.

What’s the goal of every father? To give their children a better life than him. 

But these lessons can be timeless for daughters and sons alike. As Dads, the responsibility of equipping him with the necessary tools falls on us. It’s our responsibility to lead them down the right path.Otherwise, they’ll learn from somewhere else. Don’t take that risk.

It’s a father’s duty to guide and teach them about the world. It’s more than teaching them how to ride a bike, or how to talk to a girl. Every part of life should be addressed at some point.

That includes style.


1. Your Presence Speaks Before You Do

First Impressions are powerful.

This should be the first thing that a dad should teach his son about his style. We would like to believe that people don’t judge by appearance, but the reality is that they do.

Impart to your son that the way you look will tell a story about who you are. It will communicate perceptions (true or false) about things like your level of education, criminal history, success level, and intelligence level.

The message you convey speaks loudly before you open your mouth. Teach him that sending messages of competence and respect will open opportunities that he may have never had.

Our sons have to know that looking nice is “that important”


Classy-Suit2. Style Is About Confidence

A father has to tell his son that the most important thing about style is confidence. It takes confidence be stylish and push the envelope of your comfort level.

If you or your son is the conservative “Plane Jane” type, then wearing double-breasted suits or bright patterned pocket squares might a stretch for you so being a confident man is necessary to take you to the next style level.

Another was style is all about confidences is that it will help build it up. Teach your sons that people will take notice of how nice you look and the compliments will start pouring in no matter what environment they’re in.

Folks will begin to approach them with all kinds of opportunities just because of their appearance. This will have an amazing effect on their personal confidence and self-esteem.


3. Own A Suit That Properly Fits

Children often time are slaves to the trends. They see their favorite athlete or Hollywood start wearing something and they want to imitate it.

As dad’s we have to educate our boys about the timeless wardrobe when it comes to style. The first thing they should know is that a suit is the basic element of style. Owning a quality suit will allow them to build a wardrobe around it.

Show them how shirt, tie, and pocket square combinations can completely change the look of the outfit. Explain the history of a suit or tell him how to differentiate a suit from a sports coat and a blazer. 



4. How to Tie a Tie

We know that neckties set a gentleman apart. It’s a subtle element of a man’s outfit that speaks refinement and professionalism.

Our sons must know that a necktie or bowtie is the hallmark of a stylish man. His collection doesn’t have to be vast, but it must be quality. Learning how to tie a necktie or a bow tie is like a rite of passage into manhood.

Tie A Tie


It’s not necessary to get into all the different types of knots. Quite frankly some of them are too trendy and won’t last long. Dads should, however, show their son’s how master the basics such as the Windsoror Double Windsor knot.

Click Here For An Infographic on 18 Ways To Tie A Necktie

5. How To Shave With Technique

Dad should prepare you for the business world by teaching you how to shave.  When I was young, I remember that I desperately wanted to grow a mustache. I’m sure that you were the same way. When the time came and facial hair grew, dad was all too happy to pass down to me his shaving tips.


  • Choose the correct type of razor for your hair and skin
  • Keep you razors/shaving kit clean and sharp
  • Trim your beard using clippers before shaving
  • Wash your face with an exfoliant
  • Apply shaving oil to nourish the skin and lubricate the razor
  • Heat your pores with a warm towel
  • Apply shaving cream, preferably with a brush
  • Shave with the grain of your hair
  • Rinse your face with warm water
  • Apply non-alcoholic shaving balm to clean your skin without irritating it

Dad should underscore the importance of shaving. Treat it as a ritual.

He told me that in the professional world, a clean shaven man is often more acceptable that a gentleman who has a beard or a mustache. Note: this rule has since changed some but you can never go wrong with a clean shave. Dad also said that the ladies love a smooth face!


6. The Importance of Polished shoes

Polishing shoes have multiple life lessons attached to it.

First, it teaches the importance of discipline.  Keeping shoes shined is tedious and often times has to be planned out. The discipline learned from proactive decisions and accomplishing tedious tasks is an important skillset to take with you in life.


As fathers, we have to teach our sons about paying attention to details. It’s important that they know that success is often seen in the small things and polishing your shoes is a way to stylishly stand out from the crowd.

Third, it is an indirect lesson on saving money. Correctly polished shoes extends the life of the leather and saves you from having to dish out dough on new shoes as often.

We have to show them that shoes make an outfit and poorly maintained shoes are a style faux pas.  Our sons should know the differences between quick shine, classic shine, and spit shine.



ledbury tuxedo7. Own One Tuxedo

This comes as a surprise to many men but a tuxedo is a classic style element for the quintessential gentleman.

Young men must know that they should be prepared for anything. Owning a tuxedo will all but force the owner to seek out opportunities to wear it. Tuxedos are for the most formal occasions.

They are also generally reserved for culture rich and upscale events. A tuxedo prepares a young man to enter into a new realm of manhood filled with new experiences.


Click Here For A Full Infographic on Black Tie Affairs


Ironing a shirt8. How To Maintain Clothing

Ironing is not something most young boys are worried about. Until they are old enough to safely handle a hot iron, the parents are the ones who do it.

When your son is of age, this is key in teaching him about presentation. Helping him understand things like the settings of the iron, when to use steam, and how to use starch will aid in keeping him looking polished.

Learning how to iron a shirt takes practice. Go through and show him how to iron first, then have him try it step by step with you watching. Make necessary corrections along the way until he is comfortable doing it himself.




Man Wearing a Belt9. Always Wear a Belt (or Braces)

Dads, please teach your sons this. We’ve all been out and seen a group of young men who wear their pants below their butt. An unbecoming sight would be an understatement in describing this occurrence.

Sagging is tacky and has a horrible connotation associated with it, regardless of who does it. Even its origins, which come from prison culture, are deplorable.

There’s a simple remedy – wear a belt. Even if  your son is wearing his t-shirt outside of his pants, he should wear a belt. Let him know that belts will keep his pants on his waist and in turn ensure that he looks his best.


sprezzabox - Organized Wardrobe10. Building a Wardrobe Takes Time

Often times children want what they want when they want it. Patience is not a virtue to a young person. It is up to us fathers to teach them that building a quality wardrobe is an investment that takes time.

Let them know that when the time comes for them to shop for themselves, it will be better if they purchase quality pieces. Sometimes quality comes at a premium price so they will have to be good stewards of their finance, which is a lesson that’s even more important than anything dealing with style.

Tell your young prince that buying and maintain quality will save them money and time in the long run.

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