7 Qualities & Items Every Southern Man Will Have

//7 Qualities & Items Every Southern Man Will Have

7 Qualities & Items Every Southern Man Will Have

It’s often said, “you can take a man out of the South, but not the South out of the man.” Sayings aside, here are seven things most every “Southern Gentleman” will possess.



In the South manners are taught at an early age. “Yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” are staples in southern linguistics. We’re taught to open doors for women and in many cases, to stand when a female enters the room or arrives at the table. We never walk ahead of ladies and always on the outer side of the sidewalk. Southern men have a command of the utensils used at a formal dinner and how to converse with a variety of people, even those from north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Cocktail party (D'Marge)

Cocktail party (D’Marge)

Sense of style & fashion

Southern fashion for men is not about wearing a seersucker suit every day (although most own multiple items in this lightweight fabric), but knowing how to dress for each occasion. Even when traveling outside the South, I can usually spot a Southerner by examining the details of their wardrobe. Knowing how to dress a blue blazer up or down is a dead giveaway.

Knowledge of their family tree

The South is known for the importance of family connections. Southern gentlemen have an excellent command of their family tree and can often make connections to yours if given enough time. Countless business connections are forged conversations and it certainly doesn’t hurt if the person your trying to conduct business with has a second cousin married to your twice-removed third cousin. After all, maybe everyone in the South is related.

Pair of well fitting and comfortable jeans

Yes, we wear kaki pants several times a week but we all have at least one pair of great fitting jeans. And speaking of that blue blazer, we can walk out of the dove field, grab a button-down shirt and blazer and make a splash at our neighbor’s cocktail party.

Kevin's Fine Outdoor Gear & Guns

Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear & Guns


It may be one or one hundred, but we love our guns. We were taught to respect and care for them at an early age and we’re often the most ardent supporters of the second amendment. Southern belles feel comfortable around their men but thieves beware, those Belles are most likely carrying one of their own.

A love of sports and the outdoors

I will admit that I stopped hunting years ago but still love the smell and sounds of the woods when I hunted deer. Nonetheless, I love the taste of dove and the smell of venison stew while attending a SEC tailgate. And speaking of sports, most Southern gentlemen love football at some level and find a few hours each week to attend a sporting event or watch one on television.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet (the kitchen.com)

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet (the kitchen.com)


Ah, southern food. There’s nothing like it and Southern men not only appreciate great southern dishes, they know where the best places to eat are. It may be a five-star restaurant or a bar-b-que dive on the outskirts of town. And to top it off, we know how to prepare at least one great dish, most likely a recipe from mama.

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