7 Day Valentines Plan Every Girl Will Love

//7 Day Valentines Plan Every Girl Will Love

7 Day Valentines Plan Every Girl Will Love

Let’s face it; most guys dread Valentines Day. It’s not that we don’t want to make the day special or bestow gifts on that special Southern Belle, yet breaking the mold or knowing exactly what to buy can be overwhelming. To make it simple, here is a 7-Day Valentines plan every girl will love.

Most of us accustomed to following the same routine on Valentines Day. A dozen roses, a box of chocolate followed by dinner at one of the finer restaurants in town is the norm. It’s not that she won’t be pleased with this tried and true trio but now is a great time to show her we’ll more creative than this. After all, we’ve had lots of time to practice since those caveman days of dragging a club!

I realize many of my friends who own restaurants won’t be happy with my recommendation, but I can’t think of two worst nights to enjoy an outstanding restaurant than New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s evening.

You’re faced with an expensive, pre-planned menu and the wait staff is constantly rushing you so they can get the next seating in. And ordering flowers for Valentines Day delivery…are you kidding me?

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This year (2018), Valentines Day is on a Wednesday and the 7-day plan that allows you to cover the basics and add some special touches. While I can’t guarantee the amount of pleasure that may wait on Valentines night, I do know she’ll be extra happy with the additional thought and effort you put into everything.

Wednesday, February 7
Lots of men feel the need to purchase lingerie or sexy sleepwear for their wife or girlfriend but I’ve always felt picking it out yourself was a bad idea unless you are absolutely certain of what she will like.

Valentines Day gift ideas for her

Instead, run by Victoria’s Secret or another appropriate store and purchase a gift card. Enclose a hand-written (written with YOUR hand, not computer generated) telling her how beautiful she is and to enjoy shopping. This gives her plenty of time to find something she likes for the big night, and believe me; she’ll want to make it special.

If time is an issue or you don’t have access to a good store, order the gift card online and have it emailed to her. This is the only time I’m going to let you get away with doing anything online but make sure you do it today so she has time to delivered before Valentines Day.

Thursday, February 8
Write her a hand-written note and either deliver it to her office or place it on the windshield of her car. Depending on your relationship status, tell her how great she is and how much she means to you. Be creative and romantic but not overly forward. If you run it by her home or office, don’t let her see you. Simply give it to the receptionist and ask that they deliver it to her. I can almost guarantee you she’ll text, call or email to thank you and ask why you didn’t wait around. Just say you were busy but wanted her to know you were thinking of her.

Handwrite your Valentines note

And before you do it, sending a text won’t work. I’ll say it one more time; handwrite the note. Trust me on this one.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel guys. This is going to be a great week if you follow the plan! Oh, and go ahead and purchase another gift to give her on Valentines evening. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but original. Plus, you’ve got plenty of time for Amazon Prime to deliver.

Friday, February 9
Today is perfect for a first-run movie at your local theatre. Find out what she’s been dying to see and purchase tickets ahead of time so you won’t have to stand in a long, cold line with the teenagers.

I’m not a fan of dinner and then a movie because many times you have to rush through your meal to make the movie. Instead, grab a late dinner, dessert or nightcap after the movie.

Saturday, February 10
Spend the day doing something she enjoys. It may be shopping or visiting the antique market she’s been talking about. If she’s into sports find a good sporting event. Basketball and Hockey are hitting their stride this time of year and even if there’s not a pro team nearby, many college and high school teams are exciting to watch. Spurge for great seats or even a box if you have a great connection.

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Do something special for her before Valentines Day

Remember, today will be the second most popular evening for dinner dates so I recommend you avoid this night too.

Sunday, February 11
This is the night I recommend you make dinner reservations at a fantastic restaurant. It doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive place in town, but rather the best restaurant that serves the food she loves. Yes, I realize Monday is a workday and that’s why a 6 p.m. reservation is perfect. You have plenty of time for dinner, you won’t be rushed and you’ll be able to be back early enough for a nightcap and most likely some “special time.” Not a bad way to start the week for either of you!

Tip: Some of the better restaurants are closed on Sunday and if that’s the case of you absolutely can’t make Sunday dinner work, then flip Friday and Sunday. I’ve already explained why Saturday dinner isn’t a great idea.

Monday, February 12
This is the day to have her flowers delivered. Think about it; florists have been receiving their extra inventory and the last of those deliveries most likely occur today. If possible, arrange delivery for mid to later afternoon.

You’ll still pay inflated Valentines prices, so why not get the freshest flowers possible and she’ll enjoy looking at them all week. Tip: Find out what her favorite flowers are. Roses aren’t always her top choice and if it’s another, chances are they’ll look ready great. Oh, and if she works have them delivered to her office. Women love to show off their flowers and she’ll be the first to get them.

Tuesday, February 13
Have a bottle of wine, champagne or her favorite beverage delivered to her home or office. It will be the second consecutive day she’ll receive a gift. Plus, if her girlfriends or coworkers will be envious. If alcohol is not an option, send her a gift certificate to a spa or better yet, arrange a visit for her. What you’re saving on the over-priced, Valentines evening meal will pay for these little extras.

Valentines Day, Wednesday, February 14
Stay in and cook for her. It doesn’t get any better than this and she’s going to be so totally impressed.

Build a fire and make sure the kitchen and entertainment area are clean. Be creative and decorate the space with flowers you purchased at the grocery store on your way home.

For those of you who can’t boil water, much less cook, don’t freak out. Plan ahead and purchase pre-made dishes at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Publix, Kroger, Piggy Wiggly or even your favorite restaurant. Pick them up the today or the day before so they’re fresh.  And don’t have anything delivered today either. Like the florist, this is a big day for restaurant delivery services too and you don’t want your order to be late or cold so avoiding this option is smart. However, make sure she watches you preparing the meal. Show some effort here guys; that what she wants to see.

A romantic Valentines Day dinner at home is sure to please your special someone

For those of you that can cook, preplan your menu by purchasing the ingredients several days in advance. It may be a good idea to complete your prep work on Tuesday night or even cook some dishes so everything runs smoother on the big night. Have some red, scented candles on hand and use the good china and silver. Tip: It’s usually in those drawers below the china cabinet you’ve never opened. And please, use the cloth napkins. Remember, it’s the details she’ll remember.

Tip: Have cocktails made when she comes over or comes into the kitchen. Open the wine early so it has time to breath and pour a glass or make a cocktail before dinner to relax. You can’t go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries either.

As for the schedule post-dinner, well, I think you can handle it from here. Oh, and remember that gift you purchased on the 7th? Tonight is when you get to see for the first time and hopefully not for long.

Happy Valentines Day!

P.S. If you just started dating or if Valentines Day will be a first-date (a bad idea but I still want to help you out) and you think the 7-day plan is a bit much, follow this schedule instead.

1) Send her a handwritten note a few days prior telling her how much you’re looking for to seeing her.
2) Send over a small gift a day or two before. Nothing big, maybe something she can use in the bathroom but don’t be too forward.
3) I still maintain cooking at home is the better idea but if eating out is your only option, go early and pick a “unique” restaurant as opposed to a popular one. It will be much less crowded and you’ll get better service.

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