10 Mannerly Traits a Southern Man Knows & Uses

//10 Mannerly Traits a Southern Man Knows & Uses

10 Mannerly Traits a Southern Man Knows & Uses

First impressions always matter as do the manners a southern gentleman exhibits when in the company of a lady. Good manners will also impress others in your company boardroom or at your mother-in-laws dining room table.

Opens Doors

A southern gentleman holds the door for others to go in. He definitely opens the door for women and lets them go through first. Real southern belles know to stand by the door until a gentleman opens it first.

On Time

A southern gentleman shows up when he says he is going to show up and doesn’t leave others waiting. It is rude to show up late and waste other people’s time. Not only is being on time courteous, but it shows that you value their time.

Walks closest to the Curb

Walking close to the curb and putting yourself between a woman and any potential danger is what a southern gentleman does. She’ll notice and it will impress her.

Offers his Jacket

If a woman is cold and doesn’t have a jacket, and you do, then you sacrifice your personal comfort to make a lady more comfortable.

Helps her be seated

A southern gentleman pulls out a woman’s seat for her and helps her move the seat in closer to the table. It you want to show your true southern sophistication, you’ll stand up each time a belle walks into or out of the door or arrives at the table.

Has Table Manners

Appropriate table manners mean a lot and show that you are not some uncouth barbarian. If you are at a BBQ joint, then by all means use your fingers and get messy. But, if you are eating at a restaurant with silverware, then use them; that knife and fork are there for a reason. Also, put your napkin on your lap and know what silverware to use and when. It shows refinement and class.

Picks up the Check

A southern gentleman reaches for the check, and in most cases should insist on paying. The rare occasions when a gentleman doesn’t pick up the check, he at least makes the attempt to get the check and puts up a token struggle before conceding. When he picks up the check, whether for a date or for friends, he never expects something in return.

Is Attentive

When someone is talking, you should be listening and listening closely. Don’t fiddle with your phone or watch the TV in the background. I’ve been guilty of this and it’s a major point of contention with most belles. Look at your guest and listen to what they are saying. A true southern gentleman also notices how others look. Complement a woman sincerely. “You look stunning” is an appropriate compliment and will always make a woman smile.

Does Not Kiss and Tell

Nobody needs to know what your significant other looks like without clothes, how good they are in the sack or what freaky things they like. Keep it to yourself.

Waits For Others to Get Their Food Before Eating

When at a restaurant, a gentleman waits until everyone has been served before starting to eat. It shows patience and courtesy.

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